SA Pallet

Crate & Box

About Us

Our mission

As a preferred supplier of pallets to various leading industry players, our aim is to deliver a competent product with a quick turnaround time.

Our competitive advantages

Efficient production systems ensure that our customer expectations are often exceeded. We promise a two hour turnaround time on refurbished pallet orders to loyal customers.

BEE certification

SA Pallet Crate & Box are BEE certified as a LEVEL 1 company.

SA Pallet Crate & Box specialises in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of pallets.

We also manufacture new pallets, crates and boxes to standard industry sizes and customer specification.

We purchase and supply various types and sizes of pallets including:

• Euro Pallets (1200m x 800mm)
• 4-way entry - perimeter based, heavy duty and light duty
• 2-way entry pallets
• Export pallets
• Various other industry and custom size pallets, crates and boxes depending on availability
• fumigation and heat treatment option to export customers

We are also involved in onsite pallet and crate repair.

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